Technology Changes the Beauty Business

Salons offer plenty of people with a variety of looks that they can easily customize and maintain themselves. Any salon owner will know how tough it is to manage every possible aspect in their business- right from buying of your materials to booking the appointments for your customers.

If you’re the owner or manager of a salon or a spa, you will be happy to know that there is software that can do this for you. Many of the reputed names in the spa industry have transformed the way that they conduct their business using Salon Management Software. They are very happy with the results that they get and are very impressed at just how easy it is to use.

It is a simple place where all data is stored and can be accessed by anyone from management, employees and even your clients!! It’s an all in one database that can actually speed up your business and even improve it.

This software is something that can simply be installed on any computer or laptop and it manages all that data that you have. This data revolves around the number of clients, their personal contact details, their services that they booked and pending payments. You can even control stocks of products and when you need to purchase fresh stock. You can offer your clients control over their appointments and these can be easily managed by your staff.

What it does is that it condenses all this information into a visual format that’s easy to follow. You can use it to keep tabs on your employees and their performance records. The software isn’t too technical, all you require is a simple tutorial and you’re good to go. Most companies that design the software will also provide a help line that you can contact is case you do have some issues.

Salon software can help your staff to manage their client’s appointments and transactions effectively, ensuring customer satisfaction. Customers can book their own appointments online by visiting your website and this information is sent to the database. Employees then schedule them right into the system as soon as they get their calls, or cancel them immediately. Managers and owners can plan out or organize reporting, payroll, advertising and email marketing.

Inventory management is another important factor that can’t be overlooked- earlier this would have been the ultimate nightmare to most salon owners. Now you have a tool that can help you manage your entire inventory right from materials to costing. This ensures that you never run out of your customer’s favorite products- it’s actually a better way to do business.

If you would like to increase your business and find more customers, then this is just the tool that you need. Quick, fast and very effective – you’ll be surprised at just how well this software really works. You can even go online and see the number of recommendations and testimonials that users have.

Software design companies are competing with each other to give their potential customers nothing but the best. As a salon software user, you have a number of options available to you- mostly online. They can be customized to your needs and all data that you enter here is secure with a password and servers provided by the company.

Top 5 Beauty Tips On A Budget

These days we spend more money on how we look, and what we want to look like, instead of the essential things in life, like food, rent, and bills. Let’s face it, we all love looking our best, which is why I decided to do a write up of my top 5 tried and tested beauty tips on a budget.

What you need to know: I think it is very important to watch which chemicals you are putting into your body. A lot of products these days are filled with harmful toxins, that are detrimental to your health. So all my tips below include products that are either natural or organic.

Making your eyelashes grow

Every night before you go to bed, take an ear bud, dip it into a bottle of Castor Oil, and apply a thin layer onto the eyelid. Be careful not to apply too much, you don’t want the oil to run into your eyes. The castor oil promotes strong luscious lashes.

A nourishing hair treatment

Once a week, massage Olive Oil into the roots of your hair, and sleep with it on for the night. Olive Oil is extremely moisturizing, not only for the hair follicles, but also for the scalp. It help to rejuvenate the scalp, especially after these hot summer days where it tends to get burned, or very dry. The oil will help seal any split ends, promoting growth and fullness.

Natural make up remover

Coconut Oil has been a very popular product over the past year. This organic, virgin oil has endless amounts of benefits for the hair, skin, body and overall health. However, one use that I absolutely love is that this beautifully smelling oil removes makeup easily, doesn’t burn the eyes, and is a great wrinkle preventer!

Cellulite Be Gone!

One of the hardest targeted spots to diminish. We get a lot of queries on how to get rid of cellulite. One of our favourite cellulite reduction tools is a body brush. If you brush over your body with circular movements, over time this helps with the circulation in the body, breaking down the fat cells, and therefore removes cellulite.

Keep your teeth pearly white

Every morning, drink a glass of hot water with lemon. Not only does this activate your metabolism, but it is very healthy for your teeth. Lemon is a great anti-oxidant and promotes clean, white teeth.

For the Beauty Shop Business Owner, There Are No Short-Cuts to Insurance Coverage

Mirrors, brushes, comps, scissors, blow dryer, pins, curlers, shampoos, conditioners, hair dyes, wax, creams, lotions, polish. The tools of the beauty industry don’t stop there.

As a beauty shop owner, you know that there’s a lot more to your business than snips, tips and curls. The liability exposure you have is enormous and as unique as your trade is. See what others like you have experienced. You’ll agree that the risk – no matter how unthinkable – warrants adequate protection – the kind you can acquire by speaking with an experienced independent insurance agency that you trust.

Genuine Insurance Claim Examples (If they could happen to another business in your industry, it could happen to yours as well)

General Liability Coverage, Professional Liability Coverage and Property Risk Coverage:

A nail salon patron arose from her seat after a manicure, only to fall down in a faint due to the after effects of the nail polish fumes. The woman suffered severe face injury as a result and needed costly reconstructive surgery. The claim’s amount reached $150,000.

A hair cutter and stylist forgot to sweep away the snipped hair pieces that had fallen to the floor. The next customer didn’t quite make it to the chair the stylist had told him to settle into because he slipped on the mess and fractured his right wrist. Doctors’ bills, plus lost wages from his computer programming job reached $50,000.

The beauty salon patron had a skin disorder that reacted negatively to a particular nail procedure. The woman developed an intense infection because of it that necessitated doctors’ care. Accumulated medical bills totaled $25,000.

After a regular dye application on her hair, the salon customer developed a serious allergic reaction. She became so ill that she was admitted for medical treatment at the hospital. and stayed there for two days. Total doctor and hospital bills, plus loss of wages reached $20,000.

A beauty and nail salon had several chairs reserved for pedicure patrons. The salon incurred extensive losses and damages after a connecting pipe broke.The cost to replace affected damaged property reached $5,000.

A hair stylist at a popular salon did not remember to disconnect the hair dryer after use. Unfortunately, this resulted in a short circuit that led to property damages. The total repair and replacement costs reached $20,000.

Acquiring a customized business policy will not only give you and your operation the needed protection against risk exposure, it will give the priceless gift of peace of mind.

Lustrous and Fashionable Jewellery To Enhance Your Beauty

A glance at the past few decades reveals that wearing jewellery is the most popular trend since old times and still preferred by most of the people. Trendy ornament offers a better way to beautify anyone. It enhances the personality of a person. Many people presume one’s background by the quantity of gold one wears. Adornment is one of the alluring methods which radiate the beauty of both males and females. Gold ornament is liked by both the genders. But, women are always considered as a queen of the jewellery world. Even today, from young to old, all the women are crazy about neck, forehead, ears, hands, waists, foot adornment. Women’s are zealous about Jewellery as it also illustrates a sign of femininity. When the amalgam of all precious metals is worn by a woman then it efficiently enhances her personality. Without any doubt, adornment is always worthwhile to make a woman more beautiful and confident.

The jewellery is not made up of only a single item, but of various other supportive materials which include gemstones and a few other metals such as silver, gold, platinum, titanium, palladium, rhodium etc. Generally, people believe in zodiac charts and love to wear different types of adornments with zodiac gems and Birthstones. Their selection of gemstones is dependent on their sun signs or zodiacs. Each gemstone has its own importance. There are various types of gemstones for example Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Sapphire, Alexandrite, Citrine, Tourmaline, etc. which are thought of to be suiting a particular zodiac sign. But, it is not necessary that you wear gemstones only according to your birth signs. Each stone has its own grace which helps to upgrade the appearance of any person.

Diamonds are considered among the precious stones. It attracts most of the people with its extraordinary sheen and cuts. One can beautify themselves with differently designed ornaments with attractive shapes of diamonds. If we talk about emerald then it is considered as high esteem gems since the old-ages. It is preferred by most of the people due to its attractive green color. Its hardness protects it from scratches due to hard surfaces. It occupies a special position in the heart of many people who belong to various religions and cultures. Ruby is also one of the most prized crystal gems. It is preferred by most of the people due to its hardness, durability, luster, and rarity. People can find four types of red colors in this stone including Bright red, brownish-red, purplish-red, and dark red. Sapphire is the most desirable blue stone. Sapphire is also available in other colors like green, orange, pink, gray, colorless, black, etc. In short, all the jewellery stones are very much effective in order to enhance the elegance and bring out the inner glow of a person. They increase the value of the adornment in an efficient manner. An individual can easily buy jewellery online as per their requirements.

Jewellery is really one of the most important parts of human culture. Most of the people like to prefer different types of jewellery occasionally. It doesn’t mean that ornament is not being preferred by the people on a regular basis. Adornment in our daily life is as important as it is at various outdoor functions. Many people are huge fan of ornaments and they wear earring, ring, chain, etc. on a daily basis. It makes a positive impression in front of friend circle, relatives, colleagues, family members, etc. Indeed, jewellery is considered to be an excellent gift that can be given to the dearest ones. It helps not only to upgrade the prestige of a person, but it also contributes to make the moments memorable.

Jewellery can do a lot with tempting and attractive designs. It basically gives shape to the style of all. It is one of the ways to know a little about the choices of the person towards the ornaments. Most of the non working women are very passionate about purchasing the heavily designed adornments while working women prefer simple and light weighted adornments. No doubt that there are unlimited jewellery online stores which provide A-one quality adornment with the latest designs for both the genders. In fact, it is very hard for anyone to resist themselves from purchasing attractive and lustrous ornaments. But the most important point one should always keep in their mind is that they should always purchase from the most reliable online shopping portals. I hope this article will help you a little in order to make the right choices about the jewellery.

Using Argan Oil As Part of Your Beauty Routine

These days organic has more meaning than ever before. If you are looking to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and you want to eliminate the dangerous chemicals and toxins you are putting in your body each day, then you are going to want to start living an organic lifestyle. Organic lifestyles are ensuring you eat food which is completely natural and growth without fertilisers, animals are free range and your beautify products and cleaning products are made by you, so you know what they contain, making use of natural products to achieve the results you want to achieve.

When you choose to make your own beauty, skin and hair care products, then you will find that one of the ingredients offered to you is argan oil. This oil is very effective when it comes to being used in your daily beauty routine and is completely natural and safe, giving you complete peace of mind that you will not be using a product that has been tested on animals or that is brimming with dangerous chemicals which will cause long term damage in the future.

The first thing you will find when it comes to argan oil is that you can use it as a very effective and natural hair conditioner. In fact argan oil is brimming with vitamin E and it provides you with a nourished solution that leaves your hair gleaming. If you want a good quality conditioner that you can trust and you know exactly what it includes, then make use of argan oil for the best end result.

You will also find that due to the oil being so rich in Vitamin E, the product is perfect for repairing skin. Tis means if you have a scratch or you are suffering from acne, for example, you can use it on your skin to help repair, protect and improve your skin now and moving forwards.

Argan oil makes a very effective lip balm and when you are looking at making your own beauty products it is definitely worthwhile keeping in mind to ensure your lips get the protection and nourishment that they need and deserve. You will find that the oil will protect and treat your lips, helping them look and feel healthy at all times.

Argan oil is very effective when added with other ingredients to create a natural and organic body wash. Rather than buying a shower gel from the store that contains numerous products, you can make your own organic shower gel which has nourishing properties, moisturizing your skin and making it feel clean and soft every time you step out of the shower.

If you suffer from frizzy hair, which is something many of us experience at some time or another, then you will find that rinsing your hair using a product containing argan oil will help you calm the frizz and make your hair that bit more manageable moving forward.

The final benefit of argan oil is that it can be used as a highly effective make up remover that is safe, natural and one hundred percent organic. In fact use a few drops on some cotton wool to remove the make up and enjoy a clean, moisturized and make up free face at all times.

It is very important when buying argan oil that you ensure yo are buying a genuine and high quality product. With the increase in demand there are a number of knock off products on the market, so buy from a reputable supplier that you know and can trust.

Aromantic is a leading supplier of organic and natural ingredients, recipes and courses to help customers make their own beauty, hair and skin care products. This company caters to private individuals and companies with over seven hundred high quality ingredients available on their easy to use and secure website. The company ensures they cater to all their customers focusing on all skin types and conditions. Aromantic is based in the United Kingdom offering worldwide delivery which is fast, effective and affordable. They dispatch all orders within one to three working days to ensure they reach their customers in the shortest period of time.

Makeup – How to Apply Makeup Like the Professionals for the Natural Beauty Look

While many women turn to the magic of makeup to revitalize their look, too many ladies achieve a result that is very unflattering. Too much eye shadow and that sultry, smoky look turns into the equivalent of a black eye. Not enough blush, and your cheeks look very unhealthy. Choose the wrong lipstick? You can attract the wrong attention, while failing to secure your dream job.

“Too much” makeup, along with poor makeup selection, can be a very bad thing indeed. Heavy application – or even merely a heavy-handed application of a relatively small amount of makeup – can make your skin appear lifeless and flaky.

All of the Hollywood starlets appear on the scene wearing significant amounts of makeup, and they all achieve that perfect look. What’s a real-life lady to do? The answer is simple: do as the starlets do – use the same tricks and techniques makeup artists carry in their arsenal!

Building the Right Makeup Foundation

Considering that foundation is the makeup product that comprises the majority of your face, choosing the right tone is critical in creating an attractive look. Professional makeup artists all opt for liquid foundation, which has the most natural, smooth appearance.

Using a makeup sponge, liquid foundation goes on much more evenly, and looks more natural than powder foundation. Powder foundation has a tendency to look patchy, bringing out dry spots in the skin when applied. Thus, choose a good liquid foundation, and you’re on your way to a beautiful, made up appearance!

The second element to the foundation is choosing the perfect match for your complexion. The last thing you want is a foundation that appears to be too dark for your skin color. Similarly, a foundation that is too light in color will make your skin seem unnecessarily pale, and this makeup may not conceal any blemishes or skin imperfection.

Professional makeup artists almost never use foundation straight from the bottle; instead, they mix and match several shades to create the perfect color for each individual. Consumers can also enjoy this luxury by working with companies that create custom foundation shades.

Always Choosing Blush

One of the most underrated makeup products, blush is important for every single individual, whether or not you are attempting to achieve rosy cheeks. Once you have applied your foundation, your imperfections are indeed covered – but so are your natural skin colorations. The natural, healthy color in your cheeks is dampened, and thus, you should use blush to revitalize that healthy glow. Remember, blush does not necessarily mean pink. The shades of peach and bronze allow you to achieve the look you desire, whether it is sultry or chic, but still give the underlying appearance of healthy, vibrant skin. Particularly for business or professional events, you want just a touch of blush on your cheeks so that you look awake and refreshed.

Once you selected and purchased the perfect pale blush, use a large round makeup brush to apply. Study the contours of your face and determine where your cheekbones are. You may wish to suck in your cheeks, applying the blush makeup in upwards strokes along the contours. The purpose of blush is to accent those cheekbones to create an illusion that your face looks more angular and slimmer, so follow the line of cheekbones to accentuate them further.

Intelligent Makeup Color Choices

Many professional makeup artists utilize color palettes to select the perfect colors that compliment their clients’ skin. Your makeup should follow the same rule. Make sure that you fully understand your skin tone, and choose your makeup colors accordingly. For example, if you have an olive skin tone, you want to avoid yellows and greens, but instead, choose roses and browns.

Top Beauty Facial Skin Care Tips

Every day hundreds of facial skin care products are sold in the beauty and health industry, but few people actually know how to stay beautiful, have a glowing looking skin for years to come and be the envy of everyone else. You can get many beauty facial tips on what cosmetics to use, how to improve the look of your eyes, cover imperfections, etc. But if you don’t know how to improve the health of your skin from the inside out, your skin will suffer the consequences and you will not be able to have a glowing skin.

One of the most important beauty facial skin care tips I can give you, is that you need to protect your skin by following a healthy lifestyle and using the right anti aging cream.

Here are some very important tips that will help your keep a healthy skin free of wrinkles:

– Drink plenty of water every day
– Avoid smoking, it produces millions of free radicals
– Avoid drinking too much alcohol, it drys the skin
– Use a sunscreen and avoid over exposure to the sun
– Moisture your skin
– clean, tone and moisture your skin every day
– Have a healthy diet rich in vitamins

All those points are highly important because they will prevent you from free radical damage and will improve the protection in your skin to keep it fresh, glowing, smooth and free of wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes. Most of the damage in our skin happens due to years of unhealthy habits.

However there is another problem, as we age our body reduces the production of the vital proteins that our skin needs to stay firm and elastic called collagen and elastin. If you are very young, an anti aging cream will help you to protect your skin from free radical damage with the anti oxidants it contains.

If you are in your mid 30s then an anti aging cream will help you to protect your skin with anti oxidants and to diminish wrinkles and face lines by increasing collagen proteins in your skin.

But here is one last tip, don’t use common creams with chemical ingredients, synthetic substances harm your skin and cause secondary effects such as irritation and inflammation.

Instead use only natural anti aging creams proven to reduce the effects of aging. If you want to keep your young beautiful skin, is necessary to protect your skin with anti oxidants, don’t wait until you start showing up imperfections.

5 Beauty Tips For Teenage Girls: Fact Verses Fiction

Some of the popular beauty tips for teenage girls are not based on any factual evidence but rather hearsay passed down from one generation to another. Often it is the mothers of teenage girls who feel that they are compelled to share beauty secrets with their young female offspring. Unfortunately some of these so-called beauty tips for teenage girls being shared by well-meaning moms are not based on any facts and in some cases may actually cause more harm than good. In this article we will take a look at some of these more popular time-tested beauty tips and tell you whether or not each is based more on fact than fiction.

Beauty Tip #1: Fact or Fiction? Daily Hair Brushing For Healthy Hair

Have you been told that to have healthy hair you need to brush your hair vigorously, at least 100 strokes of the brush, at least once every day? This beauty tip was generally accepted as being true until very recently. Probably because any excessive brushing of the hair will stimulate the production of natural oils in the scalp leaving the hair looking shiny and healthy. Recent studies have shown that this type of excess hair brushing not only causes you to have a very oily scalp leading to plugged hair pores to hinder hair growth plus the action of the brushing alone can weaken hair follicles and enhance the chances of hair breakage. So the smart conclusion seems to be that this is one of those beauty tips for teenage girls which can actually cause more harm than good. Final verdict: Fiction

Beauty Tip #2: Fact or Fiction? Too Much Sitting Causes Varicose Veins

Have you ever seen someone with dark blue veins running like a spider web up and down their legs and feet? If so, then you have seen what are called varicose veins. One of the often shared beauty tips for teenage girls states that these nasty looking veins are caused by sitting too much. In this case, we are dealing with a fact. Varicose veins are brought about by poor blood circulation which often happens when you are sitting for extended periods of time, and also if you happen to be standing in a certain spot for a long time. To help avoid varicose veins it is very important to be moving your body and stretching so that there is good blood circulation throughout your body, especially in the legs and feet. So avoid any situation where you are required to sit or stand for long periods of time and instead try to get up and walk around or if standing, then move from one spot to another to keep that blood flowing.

Beauty Tip #3: Fact or Fiction? Trim Your Hair Makes It Grow Faster

Of all the beauty tips for girls that we are going to look at, this may be one of the most common. Many girls will argue that this really works. Sadly you have cut your hair for nothing, as this does not work and is therefore fiction. Normal hair only grows at an average of one half an inch each month with any excess growth happening only during the summer months. Trimming your hair will not change this growth cycle of the hair and cause it to grow any faster. In fact the hair trimming is doing just the opposite, as once trimmed, instead of having the longer hair you are seeking in reality you now have shorter hair!

Beauty Tip #4: Fact or Fiction? Toothpaste Is An Acne Cure

If you are like many teenage girls and struggle to deal with facial acne, your parent or someone else may have suggested the use of toothpaste as an acne cure for your face. Not only is this a fictional beauty tip for teenage girls, but is one beauty tip that may make your acne problem even worse. The fact is that toothpaste does nothing to help cure your facial acne problem and if this is not bad enough, the chemicals contained in the toothpaste may actually promote even more acne and in some cases even lead to scarring. So again, avoid the use of toothpaste and seek professional advice from a dermatologist about what products are safe and effective to use for your acne problem. After all, it is called toothpaste for a reason!

Beauty Tip #5: Fact or Fiction? A Great Tan Equals Great Health

For many years both adults and teens believed that having a great suntan made you look healthy. Sadly there are still many people who believe this and even products being marketed that will try to fool you into thinking that excessive tanning is good for you. In fact there is lots of research that proves without a doubt that the idea of having a suntan to appear more healthy is false. Concentrated sun exposure often leads to skin cancers, some of which can be fatal to the victim. Recently even tanning beds have been shown to promote skin cancers in some users and there is a growing public demand for restrictions on who can visit sun tanning salons, much like regulating the sale of liquor. Obviously we all like to go outside, especially on a hot sunny day. No one is saying that you can not ever go outside or even go to the beach on a hot day. Rather you have to be much more careful now than in the past due to the harsher rays of the sun. Apply sun protection lotions prior to going outside and if you are planning to spend an extended amount of time in the sun, then use at least sun screen with a SPF rating of 30. Don’t forget to wear a hat to prevent a sun burn on your scalp and wear light clothing to help protect sensitive body parts such as your legs and arms should the lotion wear off. Many of you reading this may find that this is the most difficult one of the beauty tips to accept since we have all been subjected to so many advertisements over the years telling us how attractive looking a sun tan will make you look to the opposite sex.

I hope that these beauty tips for teenage girls discussed in this article will help you stay healthy and avoid some of the dangers associated with blindly believing things that are simply not true when we look at how to be beautiful.

Japanese Beauty Secrets – Ancient Japanese Beauty and Skin Care Secrets Exposed

Even today it is said that Japanese women may have the longest life expectancy amongst all over the world’s population. Japanese girls can keep their face whiter, smoother, softer and even younger for a long period of time.

You need not to be a Japanese girl in order to experience the beneficial effects of traditionally beauty products in Japan. There are many products that include face creams, eye cream, masks, etc. These products project the traditional ways responsible for the beauty and health for the skin.

Here are certain secrets of Japanese women beauty and their skin care since their ancient times:

· Japanese thinks that vitamin C is very good for their skin which makes them white. For this, they usually eat oranges which deoxidize and break up melanin that result in whiter skin.

· They make use of Azuki, which is a kind of red bean. It is a centuries old ingredient in Japan which should be rubbed on the face gently that will keep the face smoother and away from blemishes.

· Make use of signature oils instead of any oils on your face. This can be used to clean the face properly and helps as cleansing and toning of your face.

· Komenuka rice bran is a super ingredient that is used by Japanese. It nourishes your skin and helps to keep them younger. It also prevents wrinkles, dark circles under your skin and controls skin’s natural oil.

· Oriental herbs are used to care for skin. This will helps to fight with dryness and makes your skin beautiful.

· Exfoliation is used as a clear gel that removes dullness and dead skin cells from your face.

· Wakame kelp is a kind of sea algae found in waters of Japan and is one of the best ways to care your skin naturally. This protects the skin from UV rays of sun and from damaging the skin from pollution. It also protect from fine lines and dark eye circles.

Beauty Is Power – A Smile Is Its Sword

Beauty is power; a smile is its sword – CHARLES READE

Come holiday season and we are all in a rat race to look our best.

We come to meet our friends of the old, along with relatives and near & dear ones. And at such a time, we want to look our very best. After all, it is these times that create the best of memories.

As one strives to look his best, it makes one a much more pleasing and a warm personality. One gets across people better, is able to break the ice, or make new friends. One is a delight to be around with. In fact, if you look your best, self confidence levels strike a new note. This works towards ensuring a higher feel good factor, and you come to realize that you are striking the right chord with the people around you. Things seem to fall in place by themselves.

There are some things that money can’t buy, but by making sure that one takes care to groom himself and look his best, one simply makes sure that one has a more pleasing disposition.

So what is it that lets you look your best?

The age old saying goes that clothes maketh’ the man. In present day context, the same goes for women as well.

When one is dressed elegantly, he comes across as a suave individual. So you simply make the best of your time. You forge deeper friendships, look your best and feel your best as well.

It’s not just clothing that makes one look good. Grooming yourself well plays an equally important role.

In every age, there have been some set laws of grooming oneself. But these are dynamic – they change over time.

Men and women, both are required to groom themselves to look their best, and probably the most important part of the same is to have a regime.

It could start with something as simple as keeping your face clean, so that it stays clear from pollution, toxins and infections as well. So going for a nice face wash could be the first step in one’s beauty regimen, to make sure that one has an unmistakable glow over the face.

Moreover, as one keeps his face clean as a habit, it simply reduces the chances of occurrence of something like an acne outbreak to a great extent.

So one just needs to take care that one goes for a face wash which is moisturizing and not too harsh on the skin, and preferably use it twice a day.

That’s simply because using a face wash just before you get started for your day gives you a fresh start your day, it keeps the pores clean, oil free, free from infection and feeling fresh.

When one uses a face wash just before retiring for bed, one can clean one’s face of dust and pollution, and toxins as well. So the skin can breathe well all night, and heal itself as well.